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John & Mary (Mel) Berry are both ordained ministers and experienced Bible teachers. They have travelled the world, lived and worked in various parts of Europe, South Africa and the United States.

Writing & Teaching

John  writes mostly about the Word of God and current cultural issues. He uses examples from technology,  genetics and natural history to make his teaching relevant. Having had a diverse career path, he has been exposed to numerous cultures, worldviews and technologies. He is the author of 4 books and dozens of published articles.

Mary understands the importance of parenting and actively raising children who are respectful, full of love and ready to fulfill their destiny on the path God has for them.  She is currently writing and teaching parents to wake up and be parents! She understands the demands on working families and provides insights and strategies to help parents. She feels that without support and skillful parenting, our children can easily be lost to the secular culture.

John: Fun Facts

John once held the world-record for living in a room with 24 venomous reptiles. He spent 69 days living, eating and sleeping with 24 cobras and vipers. He survived unharmed. He has however been bitten 4 times by highly venous snakes when we worked as a professional herpetologist. 

Mary: Fun Facts

Mary spent two years sailing the South Atlantic and the Caribbean on a trimaran sailing yacht that her family built. Along the way she, along with her sister helped lead a youth crusade on the Island of Saint Helena. 


We have known John and Mel for many years and we've had the privilege of having them both serve our congregation with their teaching gifts.  Everybody loves them!  We are not only friends, but we have seen first-hand how they live out the faith they share in their personal lives.  We recommend them highly!

Pastor Jim and Peggy Collins

Victory in Christ International

Jupiter, Florida

I highly recommend the ministry of John and Mel Berry, teachers and missionaries to America! They have effectively ministered to the Body of Christ in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Europe, and of course the United States.

I first met them in early 2005 when their family attended a church I was pastoring. It wasn't long before I recognized their teaching gifts and asked both John and Mel to teach. I enjoyed their teaching more than my own, and in time they became elders/pastors. As Bishop for my ministerial association, I recommended them for credentials and ordained them in 2006.

They are both effective teachers of the whole Word, but John's main focus is on teaching Creation science to those who have been exposed to the lies of secular thinking in culture, the media and, in particular, the education system. Mel, who has experience in home schooling, loves teaching parents to wake up and parent their children before they get to the age when they think they know everything!

Rev. Tom Barrett, ThD, MC, BMin

Palm Beach County, Florida

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